Safety, Liability, and Indemnification 

The registered guest(s) and their invitee(s) agree to use the property and the facilities of the b.side motel+rv park at their own risk and fully comprehend that the b.side motel+rv park is not liable for the safekeeping or condition of the RV, or any equipment for any reason including weather-related. The b.side motel+rv park will be held harmless in any event resulting in damage, loss to personal property, and any personal injury to the guest(s) or their invitee(s). 

Booking, Cancellation, and General Policies

b.side motel+rv park requires a full payment via credit card to confirm your booking, and all bookings are subject to cancellation, deposit, and pet policies.

Non-Registered Guests Policy 

If you plan to have visitors, please notify us in advance of their arrival. We do not allow more than 2 unregistered guests in a room, and all visitors must be gone by 10 pm to ensure a quiet, uninterrupted sleep for other guests. We do not have any additional parking available, so non-registered guests will need to arrange for parking off-site.

Quiet Hours

We ask that all our guests be respectful of and towards others at all hours of the day. The b.side is NOT a party location; it is a place to rest and enjoy the company of others. Quiet hours are 9 pm - 9 am. This policy is enforced for the benefit of all our guests. If you behave in a way that disturbs another guest and continue to do so after being contacted, you may be asked to leave the property and no refund will be given. Please b. kind!

Fires and Grills 

No wood fires are permitted and charcoal grills should only be used in approved areas. You are permitted to safely operate a propane fire ring with prior approval. Please contact us before your arrival to receive approval. You are welcome to use the shared outdoor grill space; we provide Propane grills with fuel, Weber Smokey Joe’s, and utensils for your convenience as well. Please treat this space with respect and care as you would in your own home. 

Tobacco Policy/Smoke/Vaporize 

No smoking or vaping in rooms! We have a designated tobacco area – please use it! Make sure all butts are put in ashtrays and completely out to prevent fires. Please do not smoke on the porch or in the parking lot as many guests like to keep their windows open for that coastal breeze.


Alcohol and Cannabis Policy

Anyone partaking in alcohol or cannabis must be 21 and over – and follow all applicable local, state, and federal laws. There is no smoking or vaping of any kind allowed in our rooms. We ask that all cannabis use is done in our designated area only. Know your limit; play nice with others.

Children and Teenagers 

Parents, this one is for you. We would love to host your stay and want you to be fully informed before booking your trip. We are not an ideal space for all kids or families. 

b.side is a great spot for tired kids to sleep and eat for a couple of days, but our amenities do not include a pool, game room, or any play structures. If your kids do best with an activity, they will have limited options here. Our place is best suited for chill youngins who are respectful of others. 

We also want to make sure you are aware that we are a cannabis-friendly property with access to a 21+ open-air seating space for cannabis users. The vibe is respectful and welcoming, but it’s not for everyone. This is located across from the campsite spaces and next to our BBQ area.

Should you feel like we are the right fit for you and your family, we ask that you look after your children at all times. Ask kids not to enter another camper’s space or use a common space area that is in use or reserved by others without being invited. RV guests: everyone appreciates when you confirm that your kids left the restroom in a clean and working order.

Cancellation Policy  

All cancellations are charged a 25% re-booking fee. If a reservation is booked within three days or less before the arrival date, it is considered non-refundable. Cancellations made within 72 hours of arrival are non-refundable. We strongly encourage all travelers to get travel insurance! We are a small business and must apply our cancellation policy equally and without exception (even for COVID, vehicle breakdowns, canceled flights, or other unexpected circumstances). There are no refunds for early departure.

Please remember we are a small, boutique motel & RV park, and last-minute cancellations have the potential to hurt us. We thank you for your understanding and continued devotion to staying with a small, locally-owned business. We love you!

Please note: These policies are for direct bookings. If reservations were made through Airbnb or Expedia, please check your booking with them for their cancellation policies

Motel Policies

  • Motel Check-in: 4 PM - 11 PM 
  • Motel Check out: 11 AM

All stays of one week or longer in the motel will be charged a cleaning fee based on the length of stay. 

We are a 100% contactless motel and do not have a front desk (wondering what this means? Read more about that in our FAQ. Please do not knock on resident doors. We have a state-of-the-art, safe keyless entry system, and you will be provided a personalized code for your stay. If you need assistance, please text or call 541.347.3421. 

Parking Policy

Each motel room comes with ONE (1) parking spot. Please park in front of your room, and make sure you are parked straight so that others can park next to you. Additional vehicles will need to find off-site parking.

Additionally, we are a small motel and do NOT have room for a car plus a trailer. If you are bringing a trailer, you will need to pay to park in either an overflow or RV spot. Please note: you will need to ask if we have availability before arriving with a trailer as we often sell out, especially during holidays, weekends, and in the spring/summer. If you bring a trailer anyway, we may not have a space for you.

Pet Fees and Deposits for Motel Rooms

  • $20.00 one-time fee for one small to mid-sized dogs
  • $30.00 one-time fee for two small to mid-sized dogs or one large dog
  • $100.00 refundable deposit

Please note that we have a two-pet maximum. If you are concerned about dog size or have further questions, please reach out to us.

Failure to observe pet guidelines (outlined above) will result in the following deductions in pet deposit:

  • Cleaning fee will be charged at $35.00 an hour – and up to $500 will be charged to deal with the issues we were not made aware of

Guest(s) shall be responsible for replacement cost for damage made to the furniture, fixtures, bedding, and landscaping. All damages exceeding the deposit will be billed at replacement cost and your pet will no longer be welcome.


We offer a better-than-hotel experience with our Pacific Northwest-designed duvet covers and sheets, as well as our 100% vegan furs. As such, we ask that you do your part in keeping them stain-free during your stay. If you stain something, please let us know what caused the stain so we can attempt to get it out (each stain is different). If we are unable to get the stains out you will be charged our cost of the replacement linens.

We also ask that you do not use any of our bedding as dog beds on the floor! We have dog beds if needed. If used, we will either need to heavily clean or replace the items, and the charges are as follows:

Linen Damage Replacement Costs

  • Vegan Fur: $150
  • Duvet covers: $100
  • Bamboo Mattress Cover: $65
  • Top Sheet: $35
  • Bottom Sheet: $35
  • Pillowcase: $15
  • Bath towel: $10
  • Hand towel: $5
  • Washcloth: 2

Hazard Cleaning Costs: 

  • Vegan Fur: $50
  • Duvet covers: $25
  • Bamboo Mattress Cover: $30
  • Top Sheet: $20
  • Bottom Sheet: $20
  • Pillowcase: $15
  • Bath towel: $10
  • Hand towel: $5
  • Washcloth: 2

Tipping the b.side staff 

You can tip our amazing cleaning staff through PayPal. All tips go directly to our wonderful housekeeping staff, are 100% optional, and are always very appreciated.

RV Policies

  • Check-in for RV Park: 2 PM to dusk
  • Check out for RV Park: Noon

We are contactless and trust our wonderful RV guests are able to park their own vehicles without assistance. If you do need assistance please text us the day before with your arrival time and we will have someone on-site to help. Please be on time for this parking appointment; we will only wait for ten minutes past your promised arrival time.

We are unable to accommodate arrivals in the RV park after dark. If you are not able to arrive within check-in hours, you will need to make alternative arrangements for the night and can check in early the following morning. We do not provide refunds or credits for early departure. 

Pet Fees for RV guests

  • $10.00 one-time pet fee
  • No deposit required

RV Guidelines:

We often welcome older, vintage RVs, or tiny homes in good condition. This means that we ask all RVs are in good working order and visually cared for. This means they have no dents, no tarps, no duct tape, no add-ons, and all outlets connecting to park power must be in excellent condition. We do not have age requirements for RVs for short stays if the condition is excellent, but with long-term stays we generally stay at less than ten years old.Any damages to our electrical hookup caused by faulty wiring in your RV will be charged $500 for replacement.

Please keep your site clean and presentable. We do not allow for equipment and belongings to be stored outside your rig, and sites must be free of litter and pet waste at all times to ensure all our guests experience the same clean, beautiful environment.

We do not allow for any work to be done on your RV while you are here, nor for any structures to be built outside your RV or on our site. Please have all work done prior to arrival. You must be able to tow your rig with your own vehicle and we do not allow for third-party drop-off services.

If you arrive with an RV that does not meet these standards you will not be permitted to park – or asked to disconnect and depart. No refund is available if you have misrepresented the state of your RV as new, clean, and in full repair.

The property speed limit is 5mph. Please watch your speed out of consideration for and safety of others. 

No idling is permitted. Be ready to roll when you start up. For diesel rigs, please plan your departure so you are not starting cold at a time when others may be enjoying their rest.

RV Bathrooms 

We take great pride in offering the cleanest, best-appointed RV Bathrooms on the coast and clean & restock them throughout the day. We ask you please do your part in helping us keep these clean! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if they need attention in any way.

Campsite Policies

Tent and Van Campers

  • Please do not leave charging devices in the restroom unattended. If you do, please note we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please do not use the garden hoses. If you are needing a site with utility hookups just give us a shout!
  • Please do not wash your dishes in the restroom.

Pet Fees for RV guest:

  • $10.00 one-time pet fee
  • No deposit required

RV Bathrooms 

We take great pride in our RV Bathrooms and clean them multiple times a day. We ask you please do your part in helping us keep these clean!